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How Do I Get Amazon To Spend My Budget?

How do I get Amazon to spend my budget?

There are 3 fundamental things to look at:

1) Budget. Do you have a $10 daily budget or a $100 daily budget? You can’t scale infinitely; there will be a cap. So be realistic.

2) Bids. Assuming this is a profitable ad, consider your current bids. Are you bidding too low, excluding some customers where you’re getting outbid? Increase your bid and monitor for a week or two, at minimum.

3) Volume and quality of targets. Be careful of trying to spend across too many targets, or targets of varying quality. Sometimes you’re diluting the focus on what is a strong converter. If you have a $100 daily budget and you only have 5 quality targets, you’re not going to hit your limit. Consider breaking out your targets into smaller ad groups or campaigns.

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