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Human first

Welcome to Book Geeks Media. Human first. That's how we roll.


We got burnt out by all the soul-sucking promises…" "You, too, can be a six-figure author – and by six figures, we mean six figures a month! It’s easy!" "Kiss your day job goodbye! All you have to do is write twenty books a year!""Give out free content and creative IP to anyone who wants it! It’ll help you sell millions – swear!"


For most creators, this is a fruitless, untenable, and frankly, un-human way to operate an endeavor that’s supposed to be as much about fulfillment and the joy of creation, as it is about building a successful and ultimately stable business.


And during those crazy, hazy days of Covid, as we found ourselves standing around our virtual watercooler kibitzing about reader magnets, advertising campaigns, marketing plans, rapid release, hot genres, writing to trend, social media, newsletters, and AI taking over the world, we realized that we authors were not only making ourselves miserable but losing the plot.


The truth is, through our frantic efforts to conquer the newest sure-to-be-success craze, the hottest technology, we often found ourselves not only moving away from readers and their needs, but away from why we got into the creative life in the first place.


It became obvious to us that the whole author business ecosystem was out of whack. All the latest tricks that were supposedly going to help authors achieve their goals were being put before what was and always would be at the center of any story-centered enterprise…a human storyteller and their human reader. As we continued to talk about the struggles authors and storytellers were facing – even the ones who were killing it - it became even more obvious that we wanted to do something about it.


Quite organically, we started referring to our method of approaching the professional creator’s life as a human first way of doing things. That's our first and foremost operating tenet at Book Geeks Media.


Being human first is simple, intuitive. It’s about venerating the human mind, human experience, and human creative impulse, and letting it drive our story endeavors. First to completion, then to realization. It’s about serious creators putting their glorious humanity before the grind and the newest gold rush, but still coming out ahead.


This means conducting brainstorms and learning craft, writing stories with heart and body then opening them up to the world, honoring our muses, and making ideation a way of life. And yes, it’s also about brand and marketing and taking a real shot at making a living at this. But first things first, fellow humans. Each of our offerings are about building rock-solid foundations, inspiring imaginations, and employing reasonable strategies towards attainable goals. Because if you’re always just chasing a dream, you’re not actually living it.


In short, at Book Geeks Media, we aim to help you pull your castles in the sky to the ground, where you can walk around, decorate, move in-- pets and all.

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